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MARILYN MONROE - 4 Rotating Scenes

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Marilyn Monroe’s Legacy Can Live On In Your Bank Checks

There are few celebrities as beloved as Marilyn Monroe. Despite the fact that most of her current fans were not even alive during her lifetime, her image alone continues to sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise a year. She is an inspiration and an icon in the true sense of the word. Now, you can even carry her beautiful portrait on your personal bank checks.

She might have been born Norma Jean Mortenson, but to most of the world she was the sexy siren Marilyn Monroe. Ranked as the 6th greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute, she has become a legend.

Over the course of her short life, Marilyn made 32 movies. Some of her movie scenes have become iconic, such as the famous steam vent scene with her billowing white dress in "The Seven Year Itch."

Marilyn Monroe made many films over the years that have gone on to become classics. Who can resist "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "The Seven Year Itch", "Some Like it Hot", and "How to marry a Millionaire"?

With her sunny blond hair, her curvy figure, and her impeccable style, Marilyn had a sense of fashion and glamorous air about her that many have tried but few have succeeded in matching. Marilyn came onto the scene during the golden age of movies and they just don't make actresses like her anymore.

The great thing about the Marilyn Monroe checks, as well as the rest of her memorabilia, is that they are appealing to both men and women. As much as Marilyn is timeless and classic, she is also appreciated by both sexes.

Marilyn Monroe checks generally come in 4 rotating scenes, meaning that each check you write will be different from the one you wrote before it. All contain beautifully photographed images of Marilyn that forever capture her youth, glamour, and the vitality that she was famous for.

Of course, many check companies have that famous white-skirt billowing scene as one of the images. With her gorgeous smile and the vintage feel, who couldn't resist taking another look at these Marilyn Monroe personal checks? Finances will never be boring again.

To continue bringing out your own inner star, you can even purchase coordinating address labels and checkbook covers. One checkbook cover example is a blue leather cover with a beautiful black and white portrait of Marilyn across the bottom.

While it used to be expensive to order personal checks with unique images, it is no longer so. You are now able to order bank checks online that are inexpensive and contain the images that you want. As a matter of fact, by ordering them from reputable sites, you can even save as much as 50% off of what you might pay at your local bank.

Make sure you read all the details when ordering your checks. Some websites give out special codes that will give you free shipping. Your checks, when ordered online, should arrive to you by mail in about 5 days.

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